What Supplements Are Bad For Kidneys?

What Supplements Are Bad For Kidneys?

Generally speaking, people who have healthy kidneys are in little danger from commonly available vitamins and supplements.

However, there are some research reports of certain supplements causing kidney problems in certain individuals.

A review done in 2012 identified a possibility of supplement-induced kidney dysfunction by the following supplements.

* Chromium

* Creatine

* Licorice

* Willow bark

Vitamin C, taken in doses of more than one gram daily, has recently been associated with an increased risk of kidney stones, especially in those who already have had them before.

High daily doses of B vitamins, specifically folate, B6 and B12, were found in one study to worsen kidney function in patients with diabetes and advanced kidney disease. These may also increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Anyone who is taking an immunosuppressive drug should not take very large amounts of turmeric/curcumin because these may lead to kidney damage.

Depending on dosages, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus can potentially to affect kidney function too.

Once again, people with healthy kidneys have little to fear from most supplements. But the National Kidney Foundation strongly advises individuals with kidney disease, those who are on dialysis, and those who have received a kidney transplant to avoid all herbal supplements. An extensive list of supplements that may be the most harmful is available by clicking on the link below.


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