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L-Theanine – The King of Stress Supplements

L-Theanine is a supplement derived from green tea that promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety. It is taking over the world slowly.

Herbal Products And Supplements Work To Make Better People’s Wellbeing

Herbal natural products are nutritional supplements that many people take to improve their wellbeing and help them in coping with a multitude of chronic diseases. Nonetheless, the best herbal supplements have become very popular and are preferred by people from all ages and walks of life.

Optimal Daily Omega 3 Dosage

Omega 3 dosage is a key issue for our health. We must be careful not to exceed the limits. Too much implies harmful consequences, too little has no positive effects. A correct Omega 3 dosage brings a lot of benefits: delays the aging process, regulates the cholesterol level, prevents memory loss, boost fertility. There are three key factors of a good dosage: reason, type and food. Unfortunately, there is no consensus about the right dosage among the nutritionist, cardiologists and diet experts. American Heart Association has it’s own recommendations. Always determine your Omega 3 dosage under your healthcare provider’s supervision.

The Biggest Mistake We Make About Taking Supplements to Heal Naturally

It is funny because when I read heaps of books about what we need to heal Endometriosis or what minerals we might be deficient in and what we should take, it kinda frustrates me. It is similar to a Western Doctor mentality to me.

3 Things to Ask Yourself Before Buying Diet Supplements: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Diet Pill

Have you been considering using diet supplements to help you to lose weight? If so, it likely didn’t take you long to discover that there are hundreds upon hundreds of diet pills available in today’s marketplace, and they are all claiming to be that miracle that you’ve sought for your entire life. You need to have a strategy in place to be able to find the ideal one for you, and that strategy should include the 3 most important questions that you need to ask yourself.

The Best Herbal Supplements: General Health and Immune System Concerns

The popularity of the best herbal supplements continues to grow with so many people choosing these products instead of conventional medications due to the supplements’ therapeutic effects. The development and popularity of the best herbal supplements can best be described as an overnight phenomenon.

Antioxidants – A Summary

The human body contains a complex network of antioxidants to aid the neutralisation of free radicals before they cause damage to you. This because of the oxygen that we breathe contains molecules which are very reactive and can produce the chemicals known as free radicals.

ThreeLac Successfully Treats Candida Infections

Anyone who’s heard of ThreeLac appreciates how it quickly handles Candida infections. Users say it effectively treats the ailment, without causing any ill effects. This is important, because Candida or yeast infections can cause havoc on the body. If symptoms become bad enough, life almost becomes unbearable if treatment isn’t applied immediately. This is another reason why it’s important to learn more about this new cure.

How to Use Protein for Building Big Muscles

Bodybuilders or anyone who wants to develop big muscles need plenty of protein because it plays an important role in muscle building. Protein contains all the essential amino acids that are used to form, sustain, and grow muscles. Throughout the workout process, muscles constantly are adapting. First, when you work out, the muscle fibers develop microscopic tears in them. After you work out, the muscles have to repair, and it is at this stage that they ultimately repair and grow bigger. When you have a lot of protein in your system at this time, the muscles recover faster and their growth rate is maximized.

How to Stop Catabolism With Casein Protein – The Slow Digesting Protein

Catabolism is the body’s attempt to reduce muscle mass by converting protein into energy. Usually, the body enters a catabolic state after heavy workout sessions or weight training and this lasts for hours. The activity is mainly caused by the hormone, cortisol.

Vi-Pak Advanced Anti-Aging and Health System Provides Deep Cell Nutrition With Chelated Supplements

Vi-Pak is designed to help your natural energy production through increased endurance and performance. Not only are Vi-Pak ingredients more absorbable than other supplement brands due their chelation process, they offer a much more complete product in terms of adequate dosage and comprehensive range of supplements. Both adequate supplement levels and full spectrum of nutrients found in the Vi-Pak have been validated by numerous labs, ensuring the most comprehensive nutritional supplements available.

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