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Natural Hormone Replacement – The Safest Way to A Safe Future

Hormones enter into all the 100 Trillion (approx) cells in our body. After entering into the cells hormones start a flow of reactions which causes the “target cell” to perform the intended functions, to produce energy, to enhance memory, to boost the sex drive, to help in the muscle development, and to strengthen bones. Without this action by hormones the above bodily functions start to decrease in their frequency – to the point of complete stoppage. That is called menopause in women and Andropause in men. Though the effects of Andropause in men are quite gradually felt by men as compared to the sudden hormonal imbalance disturbances commonly found in men…

BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy – The Wonders of Science

Those hormones which are similar to the bodily hormones on the molecular level are commonly known as the bioidentical hormones. They may have been extracted from plants or some other sources. It is quite a nascent term in the lexicon of modern medical science, but its effectiveness has greatly helped it to grow rapidly. Instead of suggesting the purely synthetically produced hormones, the physicians have started suggesting bioidentical hormones as, although there are no clinical studies to prove it, they have very little or no side effects at all.

Five Benefits Of Manuka Honey

Many people enjoy the taste of honey with their breakfast, in hot drinks, or in baking and cooking. Honey is a tasty and versatile ingredient, but it also has some other benefits you may not know about!

How to Buy Pure Fish Oil: Finding a Safe, Natural, Uncontaminated Supplement

Oil derived from the liver or other tissues of fatty fish has become a popular health supplement. This product’s high levels of omega-3 fatty acids make it beneficial in the prevention and treatment of a range of diseases and conditions. People use fish oil to treat ADHD, depression, high blood pressure and a wide range of other problems.

Does Fish Oil Lower Cholesterol? Facts About Omega-3s and Heart Health

The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are often promoted as a way to improve heart health, including blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Fish-based supplement aren’t a cure-all when it comes to the cardiovascular system, however. Does fish oil lower cholesterol? The answer is complex; supplementation can actually raise cholesterol slightly in some patients, but it has a host of other health benefits that make it worthwhile.

The Top Five Benefits of Fish Oil Pills

There are real health benefits of fish oil pills and capsules backed by solid scientific evidence. This article discusses the top five benefits that make the case for taking this type of nutritional supplement.

The Benefits of Adding Healthy Dietary Supplements to Your Diet

As we age, we should be identifyingry supplements that may keep us healthy and to stave off conditions and diseases that are more common to senior citizens. We are in trouble with our food supply. Former farming methods where crops were rotated to keep the soil healthy no longer exist. There are no minerals and substances in the soil to grow nutritious foods. Heart disease does not begin when we are in our fifties-it began when we were children.

All About Intra-Workout Supplements

The best intra-workout supplements contain a healthy dose of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and absolutely no sugar or carbohydrates. These products are made for you to get the full benefits from your training sessions and to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Men In White – Andropause Doctors

Before we muse over the importance of Andropause doctors for the health of men, it would be more germane for us to discuss at length the pros and cons of the term Andropause. Candidly speaking, Andropause is a new term which is very much similar to Hypogonadism among men. In other words, when men cross the youthful age threshold of 40 or, in some cases, 45 they start experiencing problems such as reduced concentration sperm, loss of both short term and long term memory, sleeping disorders of insomnia, reduced metabolism activity, decrease in sex drive and the loss of hair. This is all because of the fact that after the age of 30 the testosterone depletes by 2 to 1 percent every year.

Is Your Body Acidic or Alkaline?

Every day we eat food that can make our body condition too acidic. And this is something not very complex or uncommon. Many times, people experience high levels of acidity in their blood because of over-consumption of processed food, starch, caffeine, protein and sugar.

Depression and Omega-3 Fish Oil Treatments – Do They Really Work?

You may have heard that omega three fatty acids are the up and coming treatment for depression. But when it comes to truly improving how you feel, it is important to understand that not just any source of omega-3 will have a positive an effect on this debilitating condition.

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