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Understanding Peripheral Neuropathy and Treatments for Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy basically means damage to the peripheral nerves, which are motor, sensory and autonomic. Typical symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are numbness and tingling of the hands and feet.

What to Choose: Alternative Natural Medicine or Chemically Produced Medicine?

More and more people becoming aware of the benefits from natural alternative therapies. Natural alternative medicines are now receiving a lot of support for natural health. In contrast, conventional medicine is receiving many bad news reports such as deadly side effects, wrongly prescribed medicines and many drugs that had been removed from the market all together.

Discover All The Health Benefits Of Bee Propolis Extract

Learn about propolis extract, what it is, where it comes from, and the benefits of adding it to your healthy diet. There are many natural and herbal remedies that are considered Mother Nature’s gift to Mankind and propolis extract is certainly one of them.

Andropause – A Nascent Condition

Sometimes referred to as the male menopause the term Andropause is a nascent phenomenon as far as the medical terminology is concerned. So much so that physicians disagree over considering it a disease or a condition or a state because of the fact that a similar medical condition with the name of Hypogonadism is already included into the medical terminology. As far as the World Health Organization is considered it is not yet recognized by the organization as a disease.

Why Should Fish Be Included in a Healthy Diet?

It is well known that omega-3 fatty acids contribute to healthy hearts and brains. In fact, the list of the benefits of including fatty fish in our diets is a long one that includes: lowering blood pressure, assist in brain function, aid infant development, benefit eyes and vision, prevent heart attack, prevent stroke, development of healthy nerves, lowers inflammation that may prevent ADHD, Alzheimer’s, dementia, arthritis, diabetes – the list goes on and on. I would never think of excluding fish from my diet.

Brain Supplements to Boost Your Physical and Mental State

For each of us to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle it is important to keep the mind free of stress and tension. In today’s fast moving world where everything and anything is rat race it is almost impossible to keep the confidence levels high and lead a peaceful life naturally. You need a complete mind boost to keep your confidence levels high at all times.

HRT – A New Way Forward

Hormone replacement therapy or simply HRT is a process whereby a patient gets imbued with the hormones just in order to augment the lack of naturally occurring hormones. There are three major causes which makes a person to undergo HRT. These include HRT for menopause; HRT for gender-variant people and HRT for Hypogonadism.

A New Medical Frontier – Hormone Replacement

It is a well known fact that menopause ushers in a lot of medical abnormalities among the women. To counter the effects of menopause Hormone replacement is suggested by the physicians. To treat the symptoms of the menopause female hormones such as estrogen and progestin and sometimes testosterone are given to the ladies undergoing menopause.

DHEA Health Benefits

You’ve heard of DHEA but maybe you’re not sure exactly what the benefits are. This article is a short summary on the benefits people and studies have found from taking a DHEA supplement (under the guidance of a licensed health practitioner).

Basic Information About Creatine

Creatine supplements are said to fulfill athetes’ requirements for quick energy bursts in their respective sports. Bodybuilders, on the other hand, also need these to increase their much-needed muscle mass. These are needed in both training sessions and actual competitions.

What Smart Consumers Should Know About Fish Oil Benefits and Some Of Its Side Effects

Fish oil can improve heart and vascular health. In fact, the American Heart Association even recommends consuming a gram of fish oil every day for patients who have already been diagnosed with coronary heart disease. It does have some risks if taken incorrectly. Consuming too much fish oil can increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke in cardiac patients.

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