Excelsior Pre-Workout is no longer the same

Imperial Nutrition pre-workout known as Excelsior has different expiry dates which also seems to have downgraded formula. There is the first batch that expires 2021, then the second batch that expires 2022 and the last batch up to this date that expires 2023.
Their potency has dropped by a small percent but enough to notice the difference in them. However, the biggest difference in the different expiry dates is the after effects of feeling anxiety. It’s far deeper effect with the one that expires 2023. As mentioned, their effects as a pre-workout that gives focus is still there buy you’ll find it doesn’t last as long and doesn’t really have the strong laser focus as the one that expires 2021.
I truly hope i’m just imagining things. This was a pre-workout I purchased and truly enjoyed using it.
I want to believe that there was something inside the first batch that should have never been on the market.
Let me know your thoughts

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