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Magnesium Supplements Are Important For Kids

Magnesium supplements can be beneficial to kids as well as magnesium plays an important role in carrying out vital functions in the human body. It can be more crucial to kids because they are still growing and that is the perfect time to maximize absorption of nutrients into their body.

Is Lugol’s Iodine a Good Iodine Supplement?

Lugol’s Iodine is a liquid form of iodine supplement that is gaining a lot of popularity in the Asian countries as it’s one of the most effective iodine supplements in the market. Lugol’s Iodine consists of 85 percent distilled water, 10 precent potassium iodide and 5 percent iodine. Lugol’s iodine has come a long way in history.

Raw Bee Pollen

There is no question that bee pollen, raw or freeze-dried is one of the most nutritionally comprehensive foods on earth, for it is a naturally complete protein source with all the necessary amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes necessary for optimum human health. Not only has it been used by different cultures for thousands of years to prevent and heal illnesses, but recent preliminary studies have shown it to be an unequivocal modern healer with more conclusive results than many prescription drugs.

Refrigerate Bee Pollen for Longer Shelf Life

Bee pollen is a natural product that should come to us with minimal processing. Just like fresh vegetables and fruits, it must be preserved in some way because it is prone to spoilage. To preserve the essential enzymes and other nutrients of bee pollen, refrigerate or freeze it as soon as possible after obtaining it. Proper refrigeration of bee pollen will enable it to last longer than pollen that is kept at room temperature.

Human Growth Hormone: How Natural Supplementation Can Benefit You

By now, you have certainly heard of human growth hormone therapy, it is a very popular topic these days, and for many reasons. Many people think of it as the anti-aging miracle drug, and it’s also very controversial because of the lack of research and because of the abuse of human growth hormone by popular athletes. But, some research suggests that human growth hormone therapy may actually be beneficial for people as they get older; and it seems that natural HGH therapy may be the way to go!

Omega 3 Oil Side Effects: Not Really An Issue

Worried about Omega 3 oil side effects? You probably don’t need to because in most people there aren’t any. However, there can be some side effects, particularly when first taking a supplement so it is a fair question.

Spirulina Powder – The Protein-Rich Food To Alleviate Your Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms

Spirulina is a kind of microscopic algae that is blue-green in color and a very rich source of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and gamma linoleic acid (GLA). Spirulina powder is called a superfood because it is a complete protein and is packed with vitamins and minerals. It contains all the essential amino acids needed for the body’s normal function.

Beware When Searching For The Best Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Because of our very unhealthy modern diets, many of us put ourselves in not only a dangerous position of dietary fiber deficiency, but also a digestive enzyme deficiency. Both can be dangerous for our health and both are easily repaired. There is a problem though when many people searching for the best digestive enzyme will face; enzyme supplements don’t work.

Nutraceutical Ginseng Benefits and Side Effects

The nutraceutical ginseng benefits are tremendous and many people around the world have begun to appreciate the herb’s various advantages to their body system. However together with ginseng benefits, some negative side effects of ginseng have been observed especially in pregnant women and children.

Knowledge Can Save: Getting to Know the Supplement Side Effects

Because people are getting more and more cautious about the disadvantages of using and ingesting processed foods and synthetically prepared ingredients in supplements, entrepreneurs are now responding and they start using all-natural ingredients in their products. This article will discuss some of the most common ingredients in the bodybuilding supplements that we have in the market and their possible supplement side effects.

CoQ10 and Weight Loss: Is There A Proven Connection?

You may have heard a lot about CoQ10 and weight loss lately, but is there any proven connection between the two? While research continues to explore the connections between CoQ10 (also known as Coenzyme 10) and a variety of health conditions, there are some promising results that have show some hope for treating obesity with CoQ10 supplements. Not only are many obese people low in this coenzyme, but so are many heart patients and Alzheimer patients. Many people suffering with metabolic dysfunction are found to be low in this coenzyme as well.

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