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Health Benefits of Supplements

The following is my experience and discoveries with a few health food products. I hope that some of these may be of benefit to you.

A Little Sugar, Wood Pulp, and Sand, Make the Vitamins Go Down

Do you take vitamin tablets? Have you ever tried to read the ingredients on the label? How do you know what a particular ingredient is, if you can’t even pronounce it? Two ingredients found in certain vitamin tablets are: microcrystalline cellulose, and silicon dioxide. These two are better know as wood pulp, and sand.

Vitamin D3 Benefits and Disadvantages

Is there a more popular vitamin these days than D3? It is being prescribed by functional doctors (doctors who use nutrition) like no other vitamin ever in the history of medicine and it is being prescribed by orthodox pharmaceutical prescribers as well.

Fish and Omega Three – The Amazing Connection That Controls Inflammation

There is no essential nutrient more helpful for controlling inflammation than omega-3 fatty acids. There is no richer source of omega-3 essential fatty acids than cold-water fish.

Why Go For Pea Protein Powder As a Good Protein Source

Pea protein powder, quite new in the market, is now considered to be an alternative to whey protein powder or casein-based powders. In fact, like rice protein powder, this is helpful for people who are lactose-intolerant. Vegetarians who need to maintain muscle performance but have limited sources of protein would also find this type of protein powder beneficial.

What Makes Whey Protein Powder the Ideal Protein Source?

Whey protein powder is said to be the ideal protein product for those who want to build their muscles more efficiently and faster. Compared to other types of protein, such as soy protein, beef protein, and egg protein, whey protein is also said to have the highest biological value (BV).

Finding The Best Pre Workout Supplement

Fitness supplements are great ways to boost your fitness and health efforts, and they are a safe and legal way of doing so. Pre workout supplements are one of the best and safest ways to achieve and exceed your fitness goals.

Organic Supplements Are a Must

For those who think synthetic and organic supplements are the same in quality the truth of the matter is there really is a remarkable difference. Organic is far better. When it comes to marine-based supplements the potency and purity of them must be harvested from the ocean and open waters.

How Whey Protein Can Help Your Body

Muscletech, BSc and other popular bodybuilding supplement brands come up with products heavy on whey protein. These are those supplements made for people who’d like to have more lean muscles or training for particular sports. Whey protein is a by-product that’s found in milk as you turn it into cheese. It has a very high level of branched-chain amino acids, which are critical elements needed in lean muscle development.

The Ingredients of a Dieting Aid

There are many drugs that will help suppress your appetite and burn excess fat. Taken in conjunction with a healthy, low-calorie diet, these will help to give you that extra push along the road to weight loss.

The Benefits of African Mango Seed Extract

The African mango can be found in abundance in the African rainforest of Cameroon. Typically, West Africans eat the African mango directly from the tree, or use it to thicken soup. The difference between a regular mango that you will find in supermarkets and the African mango is that the African mango has a seed called the dikka nut. It is the extract from the seed that is said to have many health benefits.

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